Custom Wedding Gifts – Part 3 – Owning the M.O.H. Title



Being the Maid of Honor is a great honor as well as responsibility.  On the one hand, you are feeling pretty special that this one person chose you above all others to be her right hand “man”.  On the other hand, you are now on the hook to plan the bridal shower, bachelorette party, deal with bridesmaid drama, family drama, wedding catastrophe drama…before you know it, you have become the wedding secretary, sheriff, psychologist and overall fix-it gal.  It is enough to make a girl turn to strong spirits to deal with it all!

Are all these duties news to you, Ms. M.O.H.?  Never fear!  Customized World is here to help…with a little assistance from our friends at  The Knot is a website dedicated to all things wedding.  We have attached a link to a brilliant article they published that lays out what the Maid of Honor duties all entail.  This article contains a comprehensive list of tasks typically handled by the M.O.H. to help take the fear and uncertainty out of the job.

T-shirts for the wedding party, bachelorette party or just any party are something Customized World can also help with.  We recently had a request for t-shirts from friends of the M.O.G…Mother of the Groom.  Look how cute their MOGtourage Personalized Tanks came out:


We have rhinestone tees for almost every member of your wedding party: bride rhinestone shirt

And also, many, many styles of t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, and more that can be customized for each girl, woman or child in the bride’s entourage.  Let us help shoulder some of your Maid of Honor responsibilities by designing your custom shirts for the shower or bachelorette party.

We’re proud of you!  You are going to be a great M.O.H.!

Father’s Day Reflections

It is pretty normal this time of year to think of our dads – Father’s Day is almost upon us, we are remembering all that they have done for us and wracking our brains to come up with a thoughtful gift!  Additionally, for me, my dad’s birthday was always right around Father’s Day, so I got to contemplate TWO gifts for that difficult to buy for man, instead of just one.  Unfortunately, I no longer have this concern because my dad passed away two and a half years ago.  So instead of worrying about what to get him, I take this time to reflect on him and what he brought to my life – which is pretty nice, actually.  Though he could be over-bearing and stubborn, he could also be funny, warm and understanding.  He was a wonderful father, grandfather and husband and he is missed every day.waterskiing

But back to the gifts…one year, my sister and I decided to get him a personalized t-shirt.  Now, this was back in the ’70s, the internet was not even a glimmer on the horizon, but a new t-shirt shop had opened up at the local mall.  We pooled our money and got Mom to drive us up there to order his shirt.  We chose a god-awful athletic gold shirt with royal, suede text that read “SKI MOOSE”.  My dad was an avid water skier, owned a used Ski Nautique (the love of his life!) and was also 6’2″ and 205 lbs.  We ordered the shirt, paid our money and anxiously waited a whole week for them to make the shirt.  With much excitement, we gave it to my dad for Father’s Day/his birthday and he wore that shirt until he wore it out!  I can’t think of a memory of summers during my childhood that doesn’t include images of him wearing that obnoxious shirt.  He loved it!

Today, I am the owner of a personalized apparel website, Customized World.  I get to pass on that same joy and love to others who choose to give custom gifts to their loved ones.  99% of our orders are turned around and shipped within 24 hours – no more trips to the mall and long waiting times. Additionally, a custom t-shirt today doesn’t cost much more than it did way back then.  It is never the price tag that makes a gift special, it is always the thought behind it that counts.  Giving a personalized gift is thoughtful and is as rewarding for the giver as for the receiver.

I’ll leave you with some of my dad’s classic sayings that were the soundtrack of my childhood:

  • Knock it off you two or I’ll turn this thing around!
  • That lady is trying to fit 10 pounds into a 5 pound sack
  • You know what assuming does…
  • I’ll give you something to cry about!
  • Every action has an equal and opposite reaction
  • He doesn’t know s*** from shinola
  • Georgie Porgie Puddin’ ‘n Pie, kissed the girls and made them….happy! (my dad’s name was George)
  • If you want to act Goofy, go to Disneyland

Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there!





Custom Wedding Gifts – Part 2- Tackling the Groom Gifts!

groomsmen photo


Who is more difficult to buy for than dudes?!?   No one!  So when you are faced with needing a gift for the groomsmen standing up in your wedding or even for the groom himself, turn to Customized World for personalized gifts that actually have some meaning behind them.

A popular idea are Custom Boxer Shorts.  Put something unique on each member of your wedding party’s boxers…this will be a gift that is functional AND funny! Make them wear them to the wedding and take a group picture of them sporting their personalized boxers.  It will liven up anyone’s wedding album, that is for sure!

wedding crew boxersCustom T-shirts are never a bad idea…especially for the bachelor party!  Design your own Ts with funny sayings and each attendant’s name before you head out on the town to party down.groomsman tee

Much like custom t-shirts or custom boxer shorts, you can give all your groomsmen Personalized Sweatpants to commemorate the big day and to present them with a gift they can use again.  Be funny, be creative and give your boys a gift they will actually use and like.GROOMSMEN SWEATS

The moral of this story is that personalized gifts are, well… personal.  Thought and uniqueness goes into them and everyone likes to feel special.  At Customized World, we deliver specialness.

Custom Graduation Gifts

grad t-shirt 2

Personalized gifts for graduates:

  1. Give your grad one of our “signature” T’s. Help them immortalize this time with a personalized graduation T-shirt that can be autographed by friends throughout the day.
  2. Thinking of giving your grad a new laptop or tablet for college? Think about personalizing the gift even further with a customized protective sleeve. University name? Graduation date? Use one of our ideas or come up with your own!
  3. Whether it is for future dorm keys or office keys, give your grad a commemorative graduation keychain as a small token to remember their big accomplishment.
  4. Graduation is a time to celebrate. Make your college grad the hit of the party with a customized beer koozie.
  5. There is one certainty as your grad heads off to college, more books! Give them a personalized way to carry school supplies with our selection of customizable book bags.
  6. College students live in sweats!  Get a pair of custom sweatpants personalized with a school name or even your graduates name.
  7. Give the gift of support with customized T-shirts for the whole family. Celebrate the grad with details commemorating the day or perhaps a specific message you want them to see as they walk across the stage.
  8. Have a family alma mater? Celebrate the arrival of new family members with a “future graduate” onesie customized with your favorite school or university.
  9. Celebrate the small milestones with customized apparel for the kindergarten, preschool, or elementary school grad.
  10. Include your canine friends in the celebration! They have been beside your grad for late night study sessions and welcome distractions. Take a look at our doggie corner for doggie T’s and Tanks.

Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts are always a hit!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mom…three little letters that can be read backward or forward but that mean so much.  Mother’s Day comes around and we are delighted to recognize those mothers or mother figures in our lives.

My own mom was always there for me.  She was a stay-at-home mom until I was in middle school and was your typical Midwestern mom of the 70s.  The dinner plan was on the calendar for the entire month, laundry day was every Thursday, our house was always spotless and though her exasperation with my tomboy-ish ways was very real, she still gently kissed my boo-boos.  Now I’m in my 40s and I am still a little too adventurous for her at times, but she is always there to lend an ear or helping hand.

After my father passed away a few years ago, I made her a custom crewneck sweatshirt from Customized World that said “Generator” on it.  Her name is Genevieve, she has always gone by Gen, and my dad called her “My Generator – because baby, you charge me up!”  (I know, gross when it is your own parents!  Yet so sweet at the same time.) She loves that sweatshirt because (1) she is always cold and (2) it is a personalized gift that calls upon good memories for her.

For this Mother’s Day, you should make your mom a custom gift – it truly will always be treasured.  Here are just a few gift ideas from Customized World for your special mom:

  1. Custom Apron – for the cooking mom
  2. Custom Yoga Pants – moms of today work out!
  3. Custom T-shirt – make it special
  4. Best Mom Ever Tote Bag – moms need to carry all their crap somewhere

Custom Wedding Gifts – How Customized World Can Help!

It’s spring-time!  All you brides and maids-of-honor and mothers of the brides & grooms are busy, busy, busy planning for that special day.   Whether you are looking for something to wear to your hair and make-up appointments on THE DAY or you are planning a bachelorette party, Customized World has some great custom apparel ideas that can add a nice little personal touch.

Wedding Day Must-Haves:

-Sport a zip up hoodie or yoga jacket with “Bride” proudly displayed so everyone knows this day is all about YOU!  You might even add your new name to it as well as pair this awesome custom jacket with personalized yoga pants.  Be comfy and cute while the moments leading up to putting that gown on take place!

bridal jacket options

-For under your gown, design a sweet and simple thong or pair of panties – we have them in many styles and colors, including “something blue” or pristine white that you can add your own words to in a delicate light blue or silver.

bridal thongs

Keep an eye on our blog weekly for more wedding and wedding-related gift ideas! (Spoiler alert:  we even have groom and groomsman fun customizable items!)

Custom Dog Ts for our 4-Legged Friends!

dusky halloween shirt

My daughter has wanted to be a veterinarian since she was 5 years old.  She has never wavered from this dream and is now a junior in college, on her way to earning her pre-vet degree.  This dream has been fueled by a love for everything and anything in the animal kingdom – including our family pets: a geriatric Golden Retriever and 2 rescue cats that were my daughter’s summer project when she was 14.


Her passion has led my daughter to currently being a puppy trainer for Guide Dogs for the Blind.  Last fall, she received her first “trainee”…a 10 month old lab/golden cross that would be hers for the next year to whip into service dog shape before handing her off to hopefully live a purposeful life of helping a visually disabled person.  Her puppy in training, Dusky, goes to class with my daughter, flies home for holidays at her feet and is working hard to overcome her exuberant puppy-ness to reach her destiny as a Guide Dog.

dusky xmas shirt

Through Dusky, Customized World has come to be an avid supporter of Guide Dogs for the Blind.  As part of our support, we have provided Dusky with a few of our Custom Dog Tees and Tanks to keep her warm through her first Colorado winter.  These shirts are a fun way to express your creativity and keep your furry friends cozy.

Unfortunately, Dusky can’t wear her custom doggie tees with her Guide Dog in Training vest, but when off the job, she is sporting her customized tees proudly!

dusky guide dog vest


Mom said WHAT?!? – Funny T-Shirt Sayings

funny sayings blog tee

Growing up, I didn’t think my mom was any different from any of my friends’ moms.   She drove me places, came out and supported me at my sporting events, made my lunch when I was little: all the normal things one would expect their mom to do for them.  As I got older, I started to realize that my mom was not your average mom.  I started hearing her say different “one liners” or expressions that had become commonplace to me, but would make those around her laugh.  The older I got, into my 20’s, she was not only saying these different expressions that I had always heard, but coming up with new ones.  Mind you, they were not new to her, just to those around her.   Well, now I’m in my 40’s and she still catches me by surprise with some of the things she says.  I still find them funny, and my children, her grandchildren, can hardly contain themselves.  Fortunately, my mother is aware enough to be age appropriate with her sayings, but there is the occasional time when I find myself saying, “MOTHER!!!”  Then we all laugh.

So I thought that I would share some of the sayings my mother has expressed throughout my life in the hopes that some of you may find these funny enough to put on a Custom T-Shirt.

Here we go:

1.  Referring to libations:

  • One is Good,
  • Two at the Most,
  • Three, I’m under the Table,
  • Four, I’m under the Host!

2.  Standing there like a cigar store Indian
3.  Talking the hind leg off a chicken
4.  Tits on a Ritz, mmmm good cracker
5.  That went over like a:

  • Turd in a punch bowl
  • Fart in church

6.  Toot the flute and swallow the music.
7.  Here’s your hat, what’s your hurry?
8.  This won’t hurt now did it?
9.  Run to the round house, Annie, you can’t get cornered there.
10. Mama get the hammer there’s a fly on baby’s head.
11. What am I, chopped liver?
12. Cool as the drool from a penguin’s tool
13. How far is the Old Log Inn?  Not far enough!!


Tips for Custom Panties, Boy Shorts and Thongs

custom panty pic for blogPersonalizing your undergarments is all the rage and we here at Customized World have seen it all!  From wedding parties to underwear runs to a little something naughty for your special someone, people LOVE to design and wear custom underwear.  What our customers often forget, however, is that there is much less real estate to decorate when you are dealing with panties or thongs than say, sweatpants or hoodies.

We have therefore taken it upon ourselves to offer our tips of the custom panty trade!

Tip 1:  Keep it brief (har har har) when you are decorating your briefs – don’t put the Gettysburg Address on the front of your oh-so-tiny custom thong.  We know you have a lot to say, but perhaps consider a pair of our personalized unisex boxer shorts if you really need to spell it all out on the front of your private place.  You want your message to be readable and it won’t be if you are cramming too much in too tiny of a space.  We are good, but we can only do so much.

Tip 2:  Know your audience – some appreciate a little spontaneity and, let’s be honest here, vulgarity.  Others would be mortally offended by some of the phrases and words our customers often use on their custom underwear.  Don’t get me wrong – if you ask for it, we’ll make it and more often than not, we giggle at your creativity!  But just because YOU don’t mind a little walk on the edge of social propriety, those viewing your personalized panties up close and personal may not feel so entertained.

Tip 3:  Laughter IS the best medicine – if not for yourselves, do it for us here at Customized World…working our fingers to the bone day in and day out to make all your custom clothes.  We deserve to be amused and appreciate the humor that comes through our door each and every day.  The first question I get asked by friends and family is “What funny things have people put on their underwear lately??”  Some things I can’t say in polite company, but some of it is just plain clever and awesome.  Keep ‘em coming, folks!

Tip 4:  Size DOES matter – no one wants to see saggy drawers or, as my father would say, 10 pounds getting shoved in a 5 pound sack (euphemism for your clothes are too tight)! Be sure you check the size charts carefully before ordering.  Offense will be taken if you get a pair of custom boy shorts for your girl in the wrong size.  Too big or too small, it doesn’t matter.  Everyone wants their undergarments to fit well.

By utilizing these tips, you should have much success in your next custom panty purchase.  If all else fails, give us a call toll free at (877) 793-1793 and ask us questions BEFORE you place your order.  We consider ourselves personalized panty experts and yes, our parents are extremely proud!