Custom Dog Ts for our 4-Legged Friends!

dusky halloween shirt

My daughter has wanted to be a veterinarian since she was 5 years old.  She has never wavered from this dream and is now a junior in college, on her way to earning her pre-vet degree.  This dream has been fueled by a love for everything and anything in the animal kingdom – including our family pets: a geriatric Golden Retriever and 2 rescue cats that were my daughter’s summer project when she was 14.


Her passion has led my daughter to currently being a puppy trainer for Guide Dogs for the Blind.  Last fall, she received her first “trainee”…a 10 month old lab/golden cross that would be hers for the next year to whip into service dog shape before handing her off to hopefully live a purposeful life of helping a visually disabled person.  Her puppy in training, Dusky, goes to class with my daughter, flies home for holidays at her feet and is working hard to overcome her exuberant puppy-ness to reach her destiny as a Guide Dog.

dusky xmas shirt

Through Dusky, Customized World has come to be an avid supporter of Guide Dogs for the Blind.  As part of our support, we have provided Dusky with a few of our Custom Dog Tees and Tanks to keep her warm through her first Colorado winter.  These shirts are a fun way to express your creativity and keep your furry friends cozy.

Unfortunately, Dusky can’t wear her custom doggie tees with her Guide Dog in Training vest, but when off the job, she is sporting her customized tees proudly!

dusky guide dog vest


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