Custom Wedding Gifts – Part 3 – Owning the M.O.H. Title



Being the Maid of Honor is a great honor as well as responsibility.  On the one hand, you are feeling pretty special that this one person chose you above all others to be her right hand “man”.  On the other hand, you are now on the hook to plan the bridal shower, bachelorette party, deal with bridesmaid drama, family drama, wedding catastrophe drama…before you know it, you have become the wedding secretary, sheriff, psychologist and overall fix-it gal.  It is enough to make a girl turn to strong spirits to deal with it all!

Are all these duties news to you, Ms. M.O.H.?  Never fear!  Customized World is here to help…with a little assistance from our friends at  The Knot is a website dedicated to all things wedding.  We have attached a link to a brilliant article they published that lays out what the Maid of Honor duties all entail.  This article contains a comprehensive list of tasks typically handled by the M.O.H. to help take the fear and uncertainty out of the job.

T-shirts for the wedding party, bachelorette party or just any party are something Customized World can also help with.  We recently had a request for t-shirts from friends of the M.O.G…Mother of the Groom.  Look how cute their MOGtourage Personalized Tanks came out:


We have rhinestone tees for almost every member of your wedding party: bride rhinestone shirt

And also, many, many styles of t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, and more that can be customized for each girl, woman or child in the bride’s entourage.  Let us help shoulder some of your Maid of Honor responsibilities by designing your custom shirts for the shower or bachelorette party.

We’re proud of you!  You are going to be a great M.O.H.!

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