Tips for Custom Panties, Boy Shorts and Thongs

custom panty pic for blogPersonalizing your undergarments is all the rage and we here at Customized World have seen it all!  From wedding parties to underwear runs to a little something naughty for your special someone, people LOVE to design and wear custom underwear.  What our customers often forget, however, is that there is much less real estate to decorate when you are dealing with panties or thongs than say, sweatpants or hoodies.

We have therefore taken it upon ourselves to offer our tips of the custom panty trade!

Tip 1:  Keep it brief (har har har) when you are decorating your briefs – don’t put the Gettysburg Address on the front of your oh-so-tiny custom thong.  We know you have a lot to say, but perhaps consider a pair of our personalized unisex boxer shorts if you really need to spell it all out on the front of your private place.  You want your message to be readable and it won’t be if you are cramming too much in too tiny of a space.  We are good, but we can only do so much.

Tip 2:  Know your audience – some appreciate a little spontaneity and, let’s be honest here, vulgarity.  Others would be mortally offended by some of the phrases and words our customers often use on their custom underwear.  Don’t get me wrong – if you ask for it, we’ll make it and more often than not, we giggle at your creativity!  But just because YOU don’t mind a little walk on the edge of social propriety, those viewing your personalized panties up close and personal may not feel so entertained.

Tip 3:  Laughter IS the best medicine – if not for yourselves, do it for us here at Customized World…working our fingers to the bone day in and day out to make all your custom clothes.  We deserve to be amused and appreciate the humor that comes through our door each and every day.  The first question I get asked by friends and family is “What funny things have people put on their underwear lately??”  Some things I can’t say in polite company, but some of it is just plain clever and awesome.  Keep ‘em coming, folks!

Tip 4:  Size DOES matter – no one wants to see saggy drawers or, as my father would say, 10 pounds getting shoved in a 5 pound sack (euphemism for your clothes are too tight)! Be sure you check the size charts carefully before ordering.  Offense will be taken if you get a pair of custom boy shorts for your girl in the wrong size.  Too big or too small, it doesn’t matter.  Everyone wants their undergarments to fit well.

By utilizing these tips, you should have much success in your next custom panty purchase.  If all else fails, give us a call toll free at (877) 793-1793 and ask us questions BEFORE you place your order.  We consider ourselves personalized panty experts and yes, our parents are extremely proud!

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